We provide solutions for a range of difference use cases and workflows. Here is a list of scenarios we helped with in the past. Let’s talk about your requirements and see what is the best solution for you.

Support & Success teams

For support and success teams it’s usually important to optimise the communication between the team and the enduser. A good self-service strategy is recommended. Most important metrics are customer satisfaction and net promotor score.

Retail and Etail

In E-commerce & Brick-and-Mortar shops the customer service is an important in the buying or after-sales process. You want to make your customer happy so they buy again. Most important metrics are first reply time and net promotor score.

Gaming and Gambling

Common challenges for teams in the gaming and gambling sector are the quantity of inquiries they get. A good strategy and the right tools are key to success. Most important metrics are first reply time and total resolution time.

More solutions

  • IT Department
  • Call centers and Contact centers
  • Startups and Small business
  • IT departments and Help desk
  • HR and other internal use cases
  • Crypto Startups
  • VoIP for business
  • Self Service

How much does it cost?

We have an overview of our most common services on our services overview page. Or request a quote for a custom price.

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