Deliver great customer service with your own offshore team

We can help if...

  • The cost for your support team needs to be scalable
  • Your current team can’t cope with the load of customer queries
  • You want to expand your business and make sure your support team grows with it
  • The business can’t find suitable candidates for your customer service
  • You are looking for great English speakers that know how to use Zendesk support
  • All this is possible

    Find excellent service representatives for your team.

    Work with your team remotely no matter where you are.

    Get a team of talented individuals that are happy to help your customers.

    Make them part of your workforce and integrate into your business processes

    We know how it is

    Guidoo Services was founded by Nils Rebehn. He is in the industry since 2011 and has since consulted hundreds of companies on customer service and Zendesk.

    More and more we have been asked by businesses if we can recommend people to hire for their customer service team. But we can't recommend anyone if we don’t know them so we were always hesitant.

    So we took it in our own hands and started looking for people that you can hire. Now we work with great staffing experts to help you to hiring the team you need.

    Hire remote customer support agents

    Guidoo Solutions can help you to outsource your customer service (BPO). We offer offshore staffing specializing in Zendesk support.  The right agent, team lead or administrator will be handpicked for you. 

    • Hire talented English speakers
    • Work with the offshore staff like with your own team - they report directly to you
    • Cover different time zones - finally around the clock is possible
    • Connect to or work in your Zendesk

    What happy customers are saying

    Provided a large pool of experienced candidates

    Working with them has been a great experience. Their recruitment process […] was very fast, and they provided a large pool of experienced candidates to choose from.

    They put in a lot of the legwork that I didn't have to help wade through potential candidates and do pre interviews with them before I had to, which was saved me a huge amount of time. After selecting […], the administrative staff have been very on top of making sure our peoples performance is adequate and that everyone is happy.

    IT Infrastructure Manager

    An invaluable member of our team

    We were a little unsure of the option of hiring offshore at first, but their team were exceptional in navigating the recruitment process.
    When they presented us with the first shortlist of potential candidates we were impressed with the quality prospects and immediately felt confident the process would be successful.
    We were particularly pleased with how well the applicants matched the specific criteria we had provided. The candidates we hired as become an invaluable member of our team and we now have multiple staff working with us from their office.

    Startup Founder

    Our cost structure


    Staff Salary

    This includes staff compensation, benefits, government, health



    Fees for sourcing talent, performance, retention, replacement, office space, hardware, payroll, legal, services, internal support


    Monthly Staffing

    For example $ 2.000 per member per month

    Learning Your Story

    We first have a Founder to Founder chat. As founders of our own companies, we'd like to get to know you personally and what your vision is for your company.

    What type of talent are you looking for and what are your budget constraints (if any)?

    Hunting for talent

    We match your needs to the right recruitment manager, who has the right connections to the talent within your industry.

    We hire as if we would hire for our own company. The first hires matter a lot in your growing team. We will make sure we get that right the first time by involving ourselves in the recruitment process.

    Co-Managing Talent

    We take care of all human resources and administration and facilities, while your company manages the day to day activities of your new hire.

    If you don't like who you hire, let us know and we will find a replacement.  Bottom line: we don't want you to get wrinkles thinking about why you hired the wrong person.

    Igniting talent

    We focus on communication skills development. We teach our people not to be shy and to ask the right questions.

    As Founders, we personally coach and mentor talent on how to improve mindset to become better communicators.

    We have a full-time performance coaches who help people improve their communication skills and trains them on the Growth Mindset.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How do you work with Zendesk tickets?

    You can bring your own Zendesk and let the remote staff work in that existing instance of yours. Or you get an additional Zendesk for the remote team. The linking of both is optional.

    How do I communicate with my team?

    You can use a variety of communication tools to manage your team: 

    • Zendesk

    • Slack

    • Video conference, eg. Zoom, Skype

    • Messaging, eg. Whatsapp, Viber

    • Google Hangouts

    • Email

    How long does it take to build a team?

    For back office admin positions, it takes around 15-30 days from job posting to onboarding.

    For tech positions and other niche roles, it may take around 30-45 days from job posting to onboarding.

    How much does it cost?

    You pay a monthly Staffing Fee per talent. This consists of the Staff Salary + Management Fee and could be as low as $ 2.000 (USD) per person per month. 

    More happy customers

    "You are already doing a great job in placing candidates and providing feedback. I don't have any areas to improve."

    Quote from NPS Survey

    "Thanks for all that you are doing! Looking forward to a long relationship with you!"

    Quote from NPS Survey

    "They are a very well managed company. Their follow through is excellent and their staff is understanding."

    Quote from NPS Survey

    If you are...

    • interested in lowering your support costs
    • struggling with the current load of tickets,
    • looking to grow your business and your support team,
    • not able to find the right candidates for your customer service,
    • looking for great English speakers that know how to use Zendesk, should get in touch.