Jatana Services

Guidoo teamed up with Jatana to bring AI to your Zendesk. Jatana suggests ticket replies to your staff or answers automatically. It categorises your tickets or assigns them to your team members. Learn more about Jatana.

How it works

A very brief overview of how to integrate Jatana:

  1. First you need to connect Jatana to your Zendesk, a free trial is available.
  2. Then you need to train Jatana for a while
  3. After that it can do one or several of these tasks: suggested macros, auto reply to tickets, automatic tagging, assigning tickets


How can Guidoo help you with this. While the integration is fairly easy and automated, there are a handful of things you need to prepare in your system:

  • Macros – you need to have macros in your Zendesk and you need to apply them to tickets as a basis for Jatana to work best. We build macros with you and for you, show you how to categorise and apply them
  • Categorisation – automatic triage requires you to have the right views and groups in place. We help you to set it up in the best way for your team.
  • Training – Jatana picks up what agents do but we can train your agents to work better with Jatana and get the most out of it.
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