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ChartMogul Services

Professional Services

ChartMogul (CM) is great to measure your subscription business and help it to grow. However, you will need your customer data in CM to measure and improve your customer base.

You can use one of the existing connectors to integrate your system and import data. But if you don’t know how to move your data into ChartMogul, have a system that is not supported or can’t use an import API, we can help you.

Import Integration Both
Moving your data from other system(s) into CM Letting your data flow into CM, helping it to be in sync Helping you to move your data and synchronise your systems

What service is right for you?

  • Import
    • Move your data from one or multiple systems into your ChartMogul
    • Allows you to see and work with your historical data
  • Integration
    • Connect two or more systems to your ChartMogul
    • Synchronise your data 24/7 or on events such as sign-up, upgrade, etc.
    • Helps to stay in sync and give reliable data
  • Both – import and integrate
    • Move your historical data into ChartMogul and helps to keep the data up-to-date by syncing it
    • You need this if you have customer data before you started using ChartMogul and want to move that data but keep it in sync moving forward

Why Guidoo?

  • We are the go-to-partner for ChartMogul integrations and recommended by their Customer Success and Sales team
  • We have great connections with their technical staff and product team and work closely with them