How Zendesk works 

By  Nils Rebehn

What Zendesk is and how it works

What is Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer service platform, often called a help desk system. It’s a cloud based solution that allows companies to communicate with its customers via various channels. Let’s have a closer look at how Zendesk works:

Inbound communication is routed to the relevant person or team, referred to as agents. They review the questions and problems the users have and help them.

Tickets in Zendesk

The communication with the users are recorded in tickets. Tickets reflect the conversations your agents have with your customers. Zendesk tickets can come in via many different ways; email, webform, chat and many more. These are referred to as channels.

Omnichannel with Zendesk

Zendesk pulls in questions from almost any channel and brings them into one place. Here you can organise and manage them – and ultimately solve problems.

How to use Zendesk

It’s simple enough to get up and running right away but it has  a multitude of advanced features whenever you need them. Depending on what you want to do, you can use Zendesk in many different ways…

  • How to use Zendesk for support – if you are running a customer service or customer support team, you want to learn the agent interface, how to reply to and solve tickets. 
  • How to set up Zendesk – either you or someone in the company need to set up Zendesk, this is referred to as implementation, setup or Zendesk administration.
  • How to use Zendesk for management – when you manage a team you usually want to monitor key performance indicators (KPI). In that case the reporting facilities of Zendesk are most interesting to you.
  • How to use Zendesk for my business – no matter if you are running a retail, online or software-business (or many other industries), if you are in the B2C, B2B or B2E segment, it’s likely that you can use Zendesk for your business.

Zendesk is powerful but also flexible: you can get started easily by, for example, replacing your shared inbox or webforms. But you can scale it up to match your complexity.

Learn how to use Zendesk

Enroll in this free Zendesk training course

  • Get to know the basics of working in Zendesk
  • See how to update and solve tickets
  • Customise your the profile (signature and profile picture)

About the author 

Nils Rebehn

Founder of Guidoo Services and former Zendesk employee #100. Nils is a Customer Service Expert and a certified Zendesk Administrator.

Guidoo Services is "your guide to Customer Service” - the team offers a range of professional services and are specialised in Zendesk. Guidoo is a Zendesk Select Partner, assuring sophisticated solutions for your help desk.

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