Customer Experience is driven by Digital Transformation 

By  Nils Rebehn

Businesses that want to remain competitive have to modify their business models to accommodate the current market changes in this digital era. Customer Experience is key and is driven by Digital Transformation

Modern customers are after informative content concerning the products and services they want to purchase. Such information should be easily accessible on the device of their choice. You need think of the Customer Journey and adopt your strategy.

That’s why successful companies are embracing digital transformation. You too need to cope with customers’ demands and deliverer an outstanding customer service.

But digital adoption is not as high as you would expect!

According to Progress’ Digital Business Report, more than 47 percent of the companies are yet to start their digital transformation. And 59 percent are afraid that it might be too late for them to get started.

  • Few have a defined strategy for digitally transforming their organizations, and fewer have reached full production and roll out. 
  • Improving the customer experience (CX) is the number one priority, followed by improvements in efficiency and achieving organizational excellence. 

Taken from Progress’ Digital Business Report (PDF)

Let’s have a closer look 

What do we mean by digital transformation?

Digital transformation involves the use of digital technology in all areas of the business, this leads to crucial changes in how a company runs and the value rendered to its customers.

In simple terms, digital transformation refers to the changes made by the business to provide a consistent experience to its customers. Regardless of their location and the time.

Most organizations integrate digital technology into their businesses to improve customer service and ensure customers are satisfied with the services provided.

Businesses that are digitally transformed are likely to grow their audience and have more engaged customers when compared to those that are yet to transform:

  • Highly engaged customers purchase 90% more frequently,
  • They will will spend 60% more when buying your products or services and
  • They will more likely tell their friends about your brand

On top of that, there is a likelihood that engaged customers will stick to your brand. That is even if your competitors have a better brand and slightly lower prices.

In order to render better customer experience (CX), your business should understand the type of digital customers you are facing before starting your digital transformation.

The New Customers are Digitally Conscious

The digital era has forever changed customer behaviour.

Consumers can get what they want promptly with the help of smartphones, applications, automation and machine learning. This has caused a shift of expectations in your customer. Often they prioritise the experience they have with brands – and this is digital first.

Before digitally transforming your business, it’s essential to think of how to connect with your customers.

Nowadays, the customer service team is more than receiving messages and calls. The digital is more proactive rather than reactive. It is intended to help customers seeking support through all the available ways they can reach you. Email, chat, social media, messengers and websites are the extended channels of your business.

How to start with Digital Transformation for Customer Experience

The transformation allows new ways for businesses to learn more about the digital buyers, interact with them, and provide outstanding service.
However, 70% of all initiatives do not reach their goals.

Here are some important measures that can lead to the success of your digital business transformation.

1. An IT environment with agility and flexibility

Most organizations are well-informed about the importance of implementing agile systems, and more than 85 percent of companies do not doubt that cloud computing is vital in digital transformation.

Cloud technology is recognised by most companies for its fast implementation and flexibility. Making it possible for an organisation to try new ways that are inexpensive and whose levels of risk are low – helping the business to utilise technology to meet the needs faster than before.

Establishing a connection between SaaS applications, Databases and Data Analytics , you can get a holistic view of your customer. This will help you to find out the time customers transact with you, what they need and why they stick to your brand. This in turn helps you to better the customer experience.

2. Personalized customer experiences

Customers of the digital era want to be treated uniquely with their personal preferences as demand companies to know their purchase history.
As revealed by the Accenture, more than 75 percent of the customers prefer to shop from companies that:

  • Know them by their names, is
  • Well-informed about their purchase history and 
  • Commends products depending on previous purchases.

They feel appreciated when the company makes use of its data. More customers are happy to have their data used by the company to enhance their experience than not.

This can only be possible if you invest in good systems.

Without storing the information and handling the interactions its impossible to treat your clients as individuals. Lack of proper record keeping concerning the history of how your business engages them can make it challenging to offer a unique experience.

The right system makes it possible for businesses to analyze and understand the customer-related information. Its centered towards the customer’s past engagement with the company. You can get to understand this through customer inquiries, product quotes, and the requests made. This information helps to send highly targeted messages to customers. Which leads to a more personalized and therefore better experience.

3. A smooth experience across channels

Most customers expect businesses to respond to their inquiries in less than an hour, including weekends. To ensure customers are satisfied with their services, businesses have almost been forced to operate 24-hours a day, seven days a week. This can be challenging but the trends of this year can help (Link to 2020)

Nowadays, companies that guarantee immediate feedback, accessibility, and personalization to their customers are likely to stand out in the long-run.

Customers are not limited to a particular channel. It is vital to have a strong online presence since customers can contact you via social media. They can then ask your support team questions regarding the products they are about to buy.


If your company intends to stand out and remain competitive, you should consider to implement digital transformation strategies. It’s through the digital transformation that organizations can engage buyers better. It allows to provide unmatchable customer experience regardless of the platform or location.

Due to its complexity digital transformation can be overwhelming. Here are the most important tips:

  • It is crucial to consider cloud solutions first rather than to purchase in-house systems. SaaS and cloud is known to help companies to meet customer needs promptly. Cloud service providers are responsible for the system updates, which means you don’t have to worry about the cost involved.
  • All that customers need is a personalized experience. With the use of the right systems you can learn about the previous customer engagement. It allows to see the purchase history as well as the behavior. This way you can manage the relationship far better.
  • Customers are after seamless experience no matter the channel. Think of how to integrate all the digital platforms in your organization to deliver great and consistent CX.

Concentrating to these factors will help your company to successfully implement a digital transformation. Which in turn will enhance the customer experience as well as expectations.

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About the author 

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