AI for your Zendesk

Leveraging AI to Enhance Customer Experience

Power your Zendesk with AI and
help your team to provide better and faster answers
which results in happier customers and more business

Guidoo is proud to present you the service of our partner Jatana. Jatana is a backend application that connects to your Zendesk. It comprises of an analytical AI engine that sits in the background.
At the start it observes the queries received by your agents and the typical responses provided, including macros applied to common questions.
It can also consider historical queries and responses to accelerate its learning curve. After this training period, Jatana is ready to be deployed and improve your efficiencies. Here is an overview of the capabilities:

Suggest the best reply to the agent

  • This saves time for your staff to look for the best reply
  • Now the agent has more time to provide a better service

Jatana suggest the best macro for every invoming customer support request. Every time a customer writes an email to your team Jatana is thoroughly analyzes it and determines the reply that fits the most.
The best matches are displayed next to the customers and your team member can apply it to your ticket. They can still make changes if necessary. Once the answer is perfect your team can send the reply and move to the next query.

Reply to tickets automatically

  • Agents deal with less tickets
  • Your team can now spend more time on other things

Jatana is well placed to suggest the correct response to your tickets, with a confidence factor attached. After using this for a period of time and being assured of its accuracy, we can take this a step further. Based on the calculated confidence factor, Jatana can respond automatically without troubling your agents.

Ticket categorisation through AI

  • Sort and filter incoming queries in the background
  • Safe time for your staff and get better data about the inquiries

Reporting trends and collective client tendencies is a large part of any CRM, and ticket categories are the bed rock of any analytical reporting tool. The number of “failed delivery” or “voucher sales” can provide insight into a recent logistical issues or marketing campaigns.
Jatana can automatically tag incoming tickets. Agents can manually edit tags, or strict rules can be applied to automate the tagging of tickets. Jatana takes this to the next level by analysing previous tickets, and categorising currents ones automatically. Priorities can be automatically assigned in the same manner.

Automatic assignment of tickets

  • Remove the manual assignment of tickets
  • Safe time and spend it somewhere else

Agents aren’t created equal and they come with unique competencies. For complex tickets, there is often a team leader who knows who the expert is for a certain subject, and forwards it on accordingly. Jatana observes this from your historical data, and redirects future tickets of the same nature to the relevant agents.

These are the features of Jatana. Multiple of them can be used at any time or a selected number of them. Sign up for a trial with Jatana or reach out to us and we are happy to implement it for you.

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