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We help you with Zendesk

Don't know where to start with Zendesk?

Want to get more out of your Zendesk?

No time to set up Zendesk yourself?

Don't worry, Guidoo Services is here to help.

About Guidoo Services

Guidoo Services was founded by the former Zendesk employee, Nils Rebehn. He instilled his 10+ years of CX experience into the company. Now the team consists of various Zendesk veterans, from consultants to developers.

Guidoo is loosely based on the word “Guide”. A guide is defined as a person who leads someone to unfamiliar locations. The term can also be applied to a person who leads others to reach goals such as knowledge or wisdom.

That's why we think Guidoo is a suitable name for the company. Because our mission is to help you, your team and your company to reach your goals.

Nils Rebehn



Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
  • 2007 - Zendesk is founded with the goal to make customer support beautifully simple.
  • 2011 - Nils joins the team in London as worldwide employee #100. He helps customers in Europe.
  • 2016 - Nils starts his own consultancy to help companies with their Zendesk requirements.
  • Now - Guidoo Services delivers professional services to Zendesk customers, small and large.

How we can help

  • Implementation
  • Administration
  • Configuration
  • Setup
  • Checkup
  • Migration
  • Maintenance
  • Development
  • Customisation
  • Training
  • Reporting

Benefits of working with Guidoo Services

We understand you

We worked with hundreds of companies varying in size and covering a dozen industries. Our team can cover a huge range of use cases and workflows. 

Advisor at your side

We can guide you if you don't know where to start or what standards to implement.


When you work with us you can draw on more than 10 years of experience with Zendesk. 

Save time and resources

Save your manpower by utilising our experience and systematic approach. We bring the knowledge and you the requirements.

Best Practice

We implement proven industry standards or highly customised solutions for you. All based on your requirements.


We operate on low overheads and work very efficiently. Our rates are fair and we work towards your budget. Request a quick quote.

All boxes checked

  • Certified Zendesk Consultants
  • Approved Zendesk Partner
  • Experienced Team
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Affordable

Guidoo Services is authorised and Certified

Guidoo Services is an authorised Zendesk Select Partner and our team contains Certified Zendesk administrators.

Guidoo Services, Select Implementation Partner for Zendesk
Zendesk Certified Support Admin

What our customers say

Ealias Kuby Head of Support & Services

The price tag was good

Guidoo Services was the only one out there that could do the job. I really appreciated that we could "peek over the shoulder" to learn along the way.

We were afraid that it would be really expensive but we stayed on budget the price tag was good and the project worth it.

Jo Schofield Director Global Customer Excellence

Guidoo's a great company to work with

Guidoo's a great company to work with; they are reliable and accurate in their quotation. The interactions with our consultants were helpful, consistent, and dependable.

When using a consultant, one of my hesitations is always: "Have we clearly captured the requirements to fulfil accordingly" since this was new software for us. Fortunately, the team of Guidoo worked well with us to clarify the deliverables and tracked them in the project.

Tom Raikes Founder & Managing Director

Getting the job done

Guidoo Services was able to get the job done. I feared that they would not be able to understand our needs, but they exceeded our expectations, put the solution into practice, and our employees were able to see the benefits.


So, how can we help?

Learn more about our services, send us your questions or request a quote.