About Guidoo

Guidoo is loosely based on the word "Guide". A guide is a person who leads someone to unfamiliar locations. The term can also be applied to a person who leads others to reach goals such as knowledge or wisdom. For customer support stakeholders, Guidoo is the Zendesk Service provider that...
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Where does Guidoo work

Most of our team is based in London and Berlin but we provide our services across Europe and beyond if requested.

Languages we support

Everyone in our team speaks English but some of us speak German as well. We will work in your preferred language.


Number of continents we worked on

Years of experience

Over eight years of experience consulting for and on Zendesk

People trained

Over the years we’ve trained 1000+ people in classrooms and online, then we stopped counting


Everyone deserves some time off. Some time away from work. Maybe somewhere nice. A place that is sunny and warm. Somewhere, where you haven't been before... Ok, let's come back...
Coverage of “The Future of CX” conference held in London 7 June 2018 I wasn’t expecting to be labelled a “distraction” right off the bat at “The Future of CX”...

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