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Over 200+ Successful Projects and Still Counting


We help you to plan your Zendesk instance. First we analyse your workflows and processes.


Then we build and customise it for you, in your own Zendesk instance. All the way from scratch if needed.


We launch your Zendesk together with you and support you. Then we help you with finetuning afterwards.

about us

Your Zendesk expert since 2011

Guidoo is loosely based on the word “Guide”. A guide is a person who leads someone to unfamiliar locations. The term can also be applied to a person who leads others to reach goals such as knowledge or wisdom.

Guidoo is a remote-first company, our team is spread across Europe and contains different nationalities. Everyone of us worked either for Zendesk in the past, or with Zendesk extensively. All of us are experienced with the platform itself and with various different use cases and industries.


Discover how we make a difference in the world

Guidoo is not only helping companies with their Customer Service and Zendesk needs, but we also give back to the community.

  • Our initiative "Guidoo for Good" is helping individuals to receive eductation
  • Our "Green Guidoo" program makes sure that we operate on a CO²neutral level


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We came back for more

We rolled out Zendesk within four (4) weeks thanks to the help of Guidoo Services. Nils and his team are friendly and flexible, they adapted to our working style and advised us along the way.They are great at following up and keeping the ball rolling so that the project progresses. My concern was that I do not have enough time to work with them as we are always busy, but we managed to pull everything off in time.

Nicolai Hesse
Head of Customer Service

The price tag was good

Guidoo Services was the only one out there that could do the job. I really appreciated that we could "peek over the shoulder" to learn along the way.We were afraid that it would be really expensive but we stayed on budget the price tag was good and the project worth it.

Ealias Kuby
Head of Support & Services

Great company

Great company! They were able to adapt to our needs and enable best practice solutions for our team. I was quite worried that our workflows were too complicated and that it would be impossible to map out, but the team helped us to the best of their abilities to implement the solution successfully.

Bérangère Auster
Manager Customer Happiness

Guidoo is very competent

The team of Guidoo is very competent and conveys the technical topics really comprehensibly. They delivered what was promised without much fuss.Going into the project we were afraid we would have unanswered questions but that was not the case.(Translated from German)

Maik Isernhinke
Head of Customer Care

Getting the job done

Guidoo Services was able to get the job done. I feared that they would not be able to understand our needs, but they exceeded our expectations, put the solution into practice, and our employees were able to see the benefits.

Tom Raikes
Founder & Managing Director


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